Saturday, April 27, 2013


Started to move the cars out of the way so I could get the tractor through the gate and mow the front yard.  Not sure how it happened but that turned into fixing a heater bypass elbow on the car and a new set of tires for the Jeep.  I guess the historians will sort it all out after I'm gone.  Probably entangling alliances or something to do with George Bush.

Decided to go all out and get the tires with something called "Tread" on them.  Its supposed to make it drive better in all sorts of ways.  If it does half what they say it will, I will be happy.

I remember my Dad used to get tires with tread on them.  Funny how if you live long enough things come back into style. 

Still displeased with the rear driveshaft.  I relieved the hell out of it and its still binding.   The local driveshaft guy says you can't get a CV joint yoke for a Dana 300 transfer case.  Says they only make a few every few years because there's no demand.  I'm suspicious of people telling me something can't be done when doing it would mean they'd have to work so I decided to find one for myself.

I grabbed my canteen and rations for three days, put on my Indiana Jones hat and my snake boots and typed "Dana 300 Transfer Case Yoke for CV Joint" in the little Google box on my computer screen.   This was the Very First Hit:

Damn.  I'm too old for this kind of exertion. 

The yoke is scheduled to get here on Thursday.  On Friday, the local guy will get his one chance to build me a CV joint driveshaft.  If he doesn't jump at it, I'll ship the yoke to a place in Georgia that will do it.

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