Friday, April 26, 2013

Gainesville Florida Democrats try to Get Their Own Democratic Black Caucsus' Charter Revoked

GAINESVILLE - The rift between the Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee and the Alachua County Democratic Black Caucus is growing bigger. The leadership of the county democrats wrote a letter asking the state democratic party to revoke the charter of the Alachua County Democratic Black Caucus. However officers of the black caucus tell me they are fighting back.

Some of the Democrats who supported Republican Ed Braddy for mayor over Democrat Craig Lowe are being called out for their choice. This is the letter members of the Alachua County Democratic Party wrote to the florida democratic party. In it they list a number of times were officers in the Alachua County Democratic Black Caucus publicly showed their support towards Ed Braddy.

Charles Goston with the Black Caucus says they supported candidates policies not parties in this non-partisan race. "African americans in Alachua county were going to respond in time, they have given us nothing so they can't expect anything back from us. When they get ready to respect the African American votes than they can get the same thing back from us," Goston said.

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