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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Had No Idea

How my sister could afford to have a closet full of shoes in high school.

Until now.


Tuesday, November 5, 2019


The annual email from the eye doctor came yesterday.  Time to tweak the prescription again.

I had been wearing Communist ,  I mean, Progressive, lenses for years but found that I had to keep bobbing my head to see clearly at different distances while out in the woods.  I switched to good old fashioned bifocals last year.  Distance vision is better and so is up close.   The only problem is that the front sights on my handguns absolutely disappear unless I stick a diopter on them.

That's OK on the range but not in the woods.  Totally unrealistic in a self defense situation. 

Trying to decide whether to try tri-focals, if they even still make them, or just go with  a pair of glasses for reading and one for distance.   I tried Communist,  I mean, Progressive contacts and couldn't see worth a darn at any distance. 

Insurance will buy me new frames every other year but I just have them put new lenses in my old frames.

I do look forward to looking at all the nice new glasses though...

They're a little big but that's the style these days.   

The lenses are big too so that helps balance it all out.

And a plastic straw. I think I'm in love.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Blue Monday


A Message Unseen is a Message Undelivered

In advertising, it is crucial to place your message where you know it will be seen.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Proof that Trump Controls the Weather

On October 31, President Trump changed his official State of Residence from New York to Florida.   On November 1, we have temperatures in the 60s, just like he's used to in New York.  No doubt the democrats will see this as an impeachable offense.

In the mean time, 60's is close enough to flannel shirt weather for this old Florida boy...

And before anyone starts:  If all you can see in the first photo is the mountains, or if you want to bitch about #2's stance, please include your preferred pronouns in any comment about there not being mountains in Florida or about #2 fixin' to be knocked onto her butt.