Friday, October 5, 2012

Random Thoughts

I keep wondering how so many guns from Fast & Furious "turned up" at crime scenes.  Univision came up with fifty-seven more guns from Fast & Furious that were left at crime scenes.  I understand that when the bad guy gets shot he will probably drop his gun.  I can see the bad guys dropping their guns while running from the Police.  What I don't get is why they'd leave behind guns after slaughtering a bunch of unarmed teenagers at a birthday party.  Its almost as if they were told to leave some guns behind.

Obama taking credit for Killing Bin Ladin would be a lot like President Nixon taking credit for the US landing on the moon.  I mean, except that Nixon had enough integrity to not try to take credit for the US landing on the moon.

Calling the decision to kill Bin Ladin a gutsy call would be a lot like Nixon telling Armstrong not to get out of the Lunar Lander until he called and personally gave the OK and then saying it took guts to make that call.  You know, except that Nixon had enough integrity to not try to claim credit for it.  We went to the moon to land on it.  We went to Afghanistan in the first place to find Bin Ladin and bring him to justice.  Besides not putting any such strings on our Astronauts, he sure as hell didn't have to ask permission from his political adviser four times before letting them do what we sent them there to do. 

Where is Sam Kinison when you need him?

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