Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just Vote "No"

In Florida, on most election days  we have a few questions on the ballot asking whether a given individual shall be retained in office.  Frequently, some of the State's Supreme Court Justices are the objects of some of those questions.   Most people don't care one way or another so they always get  retained.

Back in 2000, the Florida Supreme Court voted unanimously to ignore the State's election laws and give Gore more time to try to steal the election with one of the democrat's endless recounts.  The kind that go on and on until enough votes are "discovered" to give them the election.

The US Supreme Court stopped them in 2000.  That opinion was loudly decried by liberals as being "split along party lines," as if the nine democrats on the Florida Supreme Court somehow didn't vote along party lines.

Since that time, I have always voted "No" whenever I see one of them on the ballot.

I'm inviting the two or three people that occasionally stumble by here to join me in voting "No" and to tell all your readers why you are doing it.

I have no illusion that we can garner enough votes to remove one of the Justices but maybe we can let them know that people are paying attention and if they piss off enough people they might find themselves back in private practice.

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