Sunday, October 21, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, The Outlaw Josey Wales was on again.  I generally try to watch it because it seems like I always notice something new no matter how many times I've seen it before.   This time I had worn myself out the day before installing flooring, was too sore to sleep that night and just felt like crap.  I got about as far as the Indian girl hooking up with Josey and Lone Waitie and just called it quits.

For revenge, I decided to order the book Gone to Texas upon which the movie is based.  I got a softcover copy of Gone to Texas and The Vengance Trail of Josey Wales.  It arrived in yesterday's mail and I just about finished the whole thing in a day.

There are some significant differences between the book and the movie but neither seems to lose anything to the other.  Eastwood just reworked a few things to make the story work better as a film. I was pleased that the chat with Ten Bears is straight out of the book.

The book stuck with me and this morning I got to thinking about my carry gun and decided to modify a Thunderware holster to carry this:

The results were kind of mixed.  Not comfortable at all but dang did the waitresses ever flirt with me at breakfast!

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