Friday, October 19, 2012

Free North Carolina

Back in the early part of September, a blogger that I read fairly often posted about someone giving him a copy of Stonewall Jackson, The Black Man's Friend.

  It was a book that I had on my list to read for a while so I decided to go ahead and order a copy.  Since I don't like to order just one book at a time, I decided that I would find a book about a black preacher that I had read a little about not too long ago.  The preacher ministered to soldiers in a hospital in Richmond Va.  near the end of the War and went on to found a church in town.   His life story sounded pretty interesting but I couldn't remember the man's name.  Try Googling "Black preacher in the Civil War" and you'll get everything except information on John Jasper.  I eventually gave up and ordered the book on Stonewall Jackson.

When I started reading it, I found that John Jasper's story is part of the Stonewall Jackson book's opening. So now I have the name for the next time I order books.

In trying to remember which blog prompted me to go ahead and buy the Jackson book, I paged back through several weeks of posts on a couple of likely suspects and, in the process, ran across the post on "Silence Was a Weapon" that got me interested enough to buy that book. 

Eventually, I found the post on the Jackson book and it was at the same place as the one one on Silence Was a Weapon.

It seems that I must read Free North Carolina  more often than I realized.  It doesn't have the visual distractions of  Knuckledraggin  or the Feral Irishman ( I have watched this for 45 minutes and have yet to see any puck in this gif ), it has plenty of good info and good sense.  I should have added it to my official "Places I go Most Every Day" list some time ago.

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