Thursday, August 29, 2013

Where'd They Get the Nerve Gas?

Since we are ramping up to a completely illegal (I still think of the Constitution as the Law) war with Syria and its supposed to be because they used nerve gas (I'm not convinced it wasn't the rebels that did it), I am left wondering where Syria got the nerve gas in the first place.

Way back when we used the Weapons of Mass Destruction theme as the official* reason for invading Iraq, several news sources outside the main stream media reported that  Iraq's chemical weapons were shipped to Syria so they wouldn't be in Iraq for us to find.

If the administration is so sure that Assad used nerve gas, isn't that pretty much an  admission that Iraq did have chemical weapons?  Assad had to get them somewhere.   I guess we're not supposed to notice stuff like that.

*  I have always believed that we invaded to show those pissant countries that if your government sponsors terrorism, we will fuck you and your government up so bad you'll beg us to stop.    Didn't work out so well because the left decided to undermine the war effort as they did during the Vietnam Era.

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