Saturday, August 3, 2013

Duck Dynasty

When I saw the first commercial for Duck Dynasty I thought "oh great. Now a bunch of tofu-eating, Birkenstock-wearing, metrosexual Hollywood producers are going to have a show where they have a bunch of bearded guys act  the way  they think all Southerners act. "   Having stumbled onto the show and watched several episodes, I have to admit that I was wrong.

Of course, the guys are supposed to be making duck calls but spend most of their time sneaking out of work to hunt, catch frogs and fish.  Except for the Patriarch of the family (who is retired and doesn't have to sneak), the women are the only ones who have grown up so maybe there is a touch of what I suspected but its not bad.  I think that if I were rich I'd find a lot more reasons to skip work and hit the woods.  Heck.  I know I would.

There are a few books about the show and the family in it and I have read the one titled "Happy, Happy, Happy." 

I am working on "The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family and Ducks Created a Dynasty." 

 It seems that they are real people.  They weren't born into money.  They earned what they have and the story is absolutely  inspiring.   All the men had their wild times but all of them are saved and seem to walk the walk.   The show actually promotes old fashioned family and Christian values.   People talk about how we need more shows like Andy Griffeth but Andy didn't close every show by saying grace over supper and there was hardly any of the outdoors or shooting after the first couple of seasons.  So far, Duck Dynasty is ahead in the category of "real."  I guess it was natural that I would buy a Duck Commander duck call when I finally managed to get into duck hunting.  

I've been trying to get into Duck Hunting since about 2005.  Had my shells and was going to go with my brother in law back then but his gall bladder had other plans.  The next year I developed my first case of diverticulitis and that sidelined me off and on for years.  A sinkhole and a crooked insurance company kept me occupied for close to three years.  In 2009 an idiot on a cell phone (and probably Ambien) rear ended me and wrecked several discs in my spine. This past year, I gave my shells to my brother in law because of the ammo shortage but I also concocted a scheme to actually make it to a duck blind.  I decided  to try shooting a 10 gauge loaded light with heavy non-toxic shot.  The theory being that the big, heavy gun will be as effective as it was 100 years ago and won't beat my spine up like shooting a bunch of modern loads would. The 10 gauge and test loads worked flawlessly.   I've been  cutting cases down to 2 7/8" and trimming little sheets of mylar all week.   All that was missing was a duck call.

I found the Duck Commander internet store and ordered their wood duck call last Monday.  Brother in law says they  mostly see wood ducks  and it was their cheapest call so it seemed like it was really going to be my year to shoot a duck.  I also ordered a tea glass.

The tea glass bears some elaboration.  One of the guys on the show is "Uncle Si."  He's a bit eccentric and takes an old Tupperware tumbler and a gallon of iced tea with him wherever he goes.  His mother gave him the glass when he joined the Army and "went to 'Nomm'"  The family sells a similar cup in the correct green color and appropriately adorned with the Duck Commander logo as a novelty.

When I order something from Ballistic Products, I usually get an email the next day telling me that my stuff has been shipped.  I guess I've gotten spoiled because I started looking for my duck call and my tea glass along about Thursday.  I figured I'd at least have an email telling me they were shipped.  I was looking forward to taking the tea glass over to the sister in law's to help them fix a fence they built last weekend.  (Posts need to go more than six inches into the ground and stuff like that).   Then I was going to take it to work where it won't be confused with anybody else's glass.   I didn't get the email until this morning.

The email said they had shipped my glass.  Didn't say anything a thing about my call.   So they shipped the thing they buy from an outside vendor but didn't have a duck call that they make themselves to send me?   That's funny.   Makes me think that there might be more "reality" in the episodes where they sneak out of work than I realized.   Its not a big thing.  Duck season is still a long way off and I ain't exactly their biggest customer.  Its just funny. 

 I wonder if I'll need any decoys.


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