Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Simple Solution

With all the ginned up opposition to so-called Stand Your Ground Laws in the news and the race-baiters screaming louder every day calling Florida an apartheid state and who knows what they'll dream up by tomorrow, I thought I'd offer a simple solution.

The problem is really just a difference of cultures.  The liberal-communist  side wants to be free to rob and do violence to others without any risk of getting violence done to themselves and the peaceful, law-abiding side wants the right to defend themselves to be very strongly recognized in the law.

I propose a compromise.  Not a John McCain, cross the aisle and give the British the plans for defence of Fort Ticonderoga compromise either.  A realistic compromise that should make everybody happy and safe.

Open Carry.

Seriously.  If it were legal to walk around with a pistol strapped to your belt, thugs would automatically know who to avoid.  That would keep them safe from picking on someone their own size and it would make it easier for the law-abiding to go about their daily routine with the protection they (hopefully won't)  need.  

I suppose it makes too much sense.


Matt said...

It does make too much sense. It would bounce off the unreality field that surrounds the brains of liberals.

Lantry said...

True. They don't handle reality well.