Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nice Rack

At my weekly sojourn to the local Goose Berg, I noticed this little pistol rack.

Its supposed to go in your safe; your Liberty Safe; but I liked the idea of using it on my night stand.  The drawer was what did it because it will keep the spare magazines, speed loaders and maybe even a small Sure Fire flashlight from getting mixed in with the car keys, spare change and whatever books I'm reading.

The rack is a typical vinyl coated metal rack.  It has four prongs that hold the guns.  You just slide the barrel down over a prong and there's your gun.  We don't have any kids in the house so keeping a loaded gun like that isn't a problem here.

The writing on the box talks about keeping the guns ready for a quick draw and I suppose it would be quicker than fumbling through everything on the night stand to get to the gun.  I mean, that is why I thought it was worth the thirty bucks I spent on it.  The funny thing is that the box also says its not for loaded guns.  I haven't figured out why I'd ever need to quickly draw an unloaded gun but that's OK.   I tested the weight capacity of the rods. They will hold handguns from .25 ACP (maybe even .22) to .45 Colt and they will hold those guns while they are loaded.

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