Thursday, July 3, 2014

Confuser Trouble

Installed Avast anit-virus on my office computer this morning.  The free version wants to install three or four additional programs and I missed declining one of them so I wound up with some stupid cartoon head at the top of my page to remind me that whatever I just installed had free tech support.  Whatever the program was, it had installed and started running before the installation of the Avast, a/k/a the thing I was actually trying to install, had even started.  It ran some kind of scan and said I had all kinds of problems with my computer's performance.

When it rebooted, the computer wouldn't start the first time couple of times.  When it finally did start it was incredibly slow and unstable.   It had also changed my home page to something I never heard of.  I don't like programs that do any of that so I decided to uninstall the extra one.  Naturally, it wouldn't uninstall.  It said the file was corrupted and wanted me to reinstall it so it could uninstall it.  I reinstalled it and it still wouldn't let me uninstall it.

To make a long, boring story more monotonous, I wound up reinstalling and uninstalling and rebooting in safe mode for over an hour and it finally took a system restore to get rid of the "corrupted" file.

Golly gee, with the performance-enhancing program uninstalled, the computer is running as fast as lightening again.

So ended my experiment with Avast.

Maybe a picture of some hot cleavage will make it all better:

That's Hot.


Anonymous said...

I had the same kind of experience with AVG, which installed a new web search utility on my machine. It was an intrusive piece of crap, that took over damn near everything.

I downloaded Revo Uninstaller and ran it to get rid of the mess. Revo worked fine for me and rooted out all files associated with the AVG crap, even the obscure ones buried in the registry.

I hasten to add, I'm one of those Neanderthals still running XP with SP 3, so this is not professional advice, merely a report of my own personal experience.

Lantry said...

That's interesting. I hadn't heard of Revo Uninstaller. I may have to get that just for the next time I try to install something and it screws everything up. That seems to be the way a lot of the free versions of software act these days. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. I was quite impressed with it and found it via a geeky website. One of the major problems with some malware, like the AVG tool bar (the specific item I struggled with), is that the first thing they install is a program that goes into your system restore. This means that, when you attempt to get rid of the beast via using system restore, you simply re-infect your machine.

Incidentally, I use an anonymous sign in here, because my usual posting ID is handled via Disqus.