Sunday, April 6, 2014

Painted Bullets

I ran across a Facebook page for reloaders called  The Reloading Bench   and they have a couple of people who are painting and powder coating lead handgun bullets.    The guy using paint says he just uses plain old Krylon enamel, bakes it on in a toaster oven and then sizes the bullets like normal.   They report that they shoot as well as jacketed bullets and do not lead their barrels even without lubrication.   The photo is from one of their posts.

That's worth looking into.


B said...

Why not just Paper patch? Easy to do and is very old technology.

Some autoloaders don't like PP bullets, but I have yet to find a revolver that dislike 'em.

Lantry said...

I suspect that they probably just don't want to spend that much time and effort. When they paint them, they spray them and put them in a toaster oven. No cutting and rolling and twisting. Just shake and bake. I've paper patched a few rifle bullets and used bullet molds that cast undersized so the final diameter is right. With painting, they are just using normal size bullets for each caliber. They paint them and size them when the paint is cured. Overall it sounds like a lot less work to do 100 bullets and I think that's probably why.