Friday, October 25, 2013

Nice Colt Walker Holster

Ah - No.

A little flimsy

I suppose that is a Little closer

That will almost work


Oh yeah.  That's the one!

I've been looking for a holster for a Colt Walker replica off and on for a few years.  It was never really a priority but I'd check around every now and then,  occasionally, once in a while, when I'd think about it and the mood struck me.

While looking for spring stock at Dixie Gun Works a few weeks ago, I tried to order their better quality Walker holster but they were out of stock and weren't going to get any more.  The reviews on their cheaper one were not particularly good so I decided to look elsewhere.  Track of the Wolf had one that was modern-looking and also out of stock so I just Googled it and found this one.

Bought it from a place called s_comfort_mercantile on ebay.  The stitching looks good and it fits the gun well. 

S_comfort_mercantile makes a lot of leather goods and they have a lot of stuff for reenactors.  This holster was a little over $40 with the shipping.  I just told them whether I wanted the barrel to stick out and what kind of belt loop I wanted and they made it the next day.  It was delivered so fast I didn't know what had arrived until I read the return address. 

They didn't pay me to say any of this.  Just seemed like I ought to say something since I am so pleased with the holster.   Sorry there's no link to their store.  My track ball mouse isn't speaking to my laptop and I'm not going to try to copy and paste using the built in pad-mouse-thing-from-hell on the computer.


Anonymous said...

The problem as I see it (as a leather worker) is that Walker's were never meant to be carried by people. They were meant to be carried on saddles.-----Ray

Lantry said...

That's for sure! I can always come up with a way to strap it to my 4 wheeler's gas tank.

Lantry said...

You know, Ray, I was just thinking that maybe I should point out that the pictures were a joke except for the last one. I didn't actually try carrying the Walker concealed in a holster meant for a Kel Tec P3AT or one for an Officer's sized 1911 or even that shoulder holster. A year or so ago I made a joke about the attention that I got from waitresses when I carried the Walker in a modified Thunderwear holster but that was just a joke too. Its common knowledge that Walkers were meant to be carried on saddles but whether I carry the Walker on my belt or tie it to my 4 wheeler or my climbing stand, I needed a holster for it. The only problem was that Dixie doesn't carry the holster that I wanted anymore. The post was about how pleased I am with the holster that I found.