Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Firefighter Shooter

 What you probably won't hear on the news about the firefighter shooter

* The perp was convicted of killing his grandmother in 1980.
* he beat her to death with a hammer - something like 30 blows to the head.
* he pled to manslaughter and did 18 years. Released in 1998 and spent only 6 years on parole.
* He lived with his mother and had threatened to kill his sister when his mother died.
* the mother died 2 months ago.
*The sister (who according to coworkers carried concealed all the time out of fear of her brother) is missing, assumed dead in the fire.

Regardless of these facts, It will all be about the guns (press is already saying he used an AR)

God help the victims, including all of us.

From a post at the 24hourcampfire

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