Monday, December 24, 2012

Hampton's Red Shirts

Ok.  The deal with the book I posted about the other day is this:

Its about how honest, decent people in South Carolina rose up and threw out the corrupt, carpet bagger reconstruction government in the 1870s.

The Democrat Party was split and their ranks were divided on how to proceed but they had the sense to unite when Wade Hampton was nominated for Governor.

They faced rigged elections and politicians who bought votes and paid off their friends out of State funds.  They faced rabble rousers who instilled fear in the black population by telling them that if Hampton were elected they'd be put back into slavery.  They faced hostile press up North and even some at home.  They faced the threat of Federal Troops sent to keep them in line.  They faced threats of riots and murder.

They came up with a plan and they turned out in large numbers to work their plan. 

They succeeded.

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