Monday, June 25, 2012

Savagery Continues

Both of these cases are from the same 100 count bag of unfired, new old stock brass.  Same brand, same headstamp; "300 SAV."

Stand them up and the one on the left looks like a 300 Savage case.  The one on the right?  I don't know what it looks like.  Long neck and a shoulder that almost looks like the Weatherby Double Radius.  I just know that there's fifteen of 'em in the bag.

Ya reckon I might run into headspace trouble if I use the one on the right?

I'll have to waste 15 primers and a half order of grits fire forming them into what they are supposed to be.

Continuing with the weekend's war on futility, all nine of the .303 Savage rounds that I loaded were a very tight crush fit in the new-to-me rifle.   I measured case lengths and neck diameters and they are fine.  Turns out the trouble is the die that I used to size the brass.  I normally use an RCBS die when I full length size 303 Savage cases.  That die was in a tool head for a progressive press.  I didn't feel like setting the press up for 303 Savage just to size 9 cases and I didn't feel like taking the die out of the tool head and losing its settings so I loaded my 9 rounds on a single stage press with a different set of (different brand) dies and they were too big for the rifle.   This evening, I dismantled my 9 rounds, resized them in the RCBS die, put them back together and they cycle perfectly.  Problem solved.  Makes me glad I didn't find the missing brass and load up 20 or 30 of 'em on Saturday.

RCBS ain't payin' me to say any of this either.  The way this weekend would have gone without them, they don't have to.

Range trip canceled due to weather & such.  I ain't scared of a little old Tropical Storm but its hard to chronograph with rain blowing horizontally at 45 mph.

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