Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How 'Bout Getting A Room Next Time?

Police: Passenger was nearly naked when truck slammed into school bus


The wife of a truck driver who slammed into the back of a Bradford County school bus Monday afternoon was naked from the waist down in the truck when the accident occurred, injuring the couple along with the bus driver and seven children.

Two of the children injured in the crash remained hospitalized Tuesday following surgery, said Bradford County Sheriff's Capt. Brad Smith.

“From the waist down she was naked, and partially clothed from the waist up. The man had clothing on,” Smith said. “People assume they were up to no good but we don't know for sure, so make whatever inferences you want to make.

The whole article is at  The Gainesville Sun.

"...traveling in an erratic manner along the southbound highway."    Um.  Ya reckon?

Might could have used this as a Hump Day post all by itself.


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