Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tony Stewart Case Going to Grand Jury

I worked in the pits at a dirt track a time or two (or three or ...)  during high school so I'm not completely ignorant about dirt tracks.  I saw the video.   I really don't see how its Tony Stewart's fault.   I hope this is one of those cases where they go to the Grand Jury and say "we really don't think the guy is guilty but we want you to say it, not us"  and not a Prosecutor using this as a chance to make a name for himself.

And no, I'm not particularly a fan of Tony.   I don't dislike him.   I just don't really care enough about NASCAR to be a fan of anybody.  I only dislike Danica because of all the hype they shoved down our throats about how great she was and how the other drivers were learning all kinds of stuff from her ("Look, she's taught the other drivers to let go of the wheel before they hit the wall head first)"  and I dislike Jimmy because The Lovely Bride is a Jeff Gordon fan and  it makes things easier at home if I hate Jimmy.


Bobo the Hobo said...

This is beyond ridiculous - the guy WALKED ONTO AN ACTIVE TRACK. Sorry he was killed but Darwin rules. And Danica? She is a feminist's marketing dream; she can only win if everyone else in front of her runs out of gas.

Lantry said...

I agree on all points! I really hope its just one of those cases where the Prosecutor just wants to be able to say it was the Grand Jury's decision and not his own.