Thursday, September 25, 2014

Good Old Ruth

Kurt, at  A Train Wreck In Maxwell, recently acquired a 1957 Jeep CJ5 and it has a top just like the one on Ruth.  Ruth is more than twenty-five years newer than his but she's a CJ5 and the basic body tub didn't change much so the 1958 top that I got dropped right on.   The windshield frame wasn't quite the same and I had to make some spacers but it was a really good fit.  I thought I'd post a picture in case he ever stumbles over here.

This is during the lengthy painting and refitting process a couple of years ago; before I repositioned the engine and replaced the fender well headers and Flowmasters with ram's head manifolds and Dynaflow mufflers to cut down on the noise.  (Ruth has one of them there small block Chevy-lay V8s instead of the original 4 cylinder sewin' machine motor).  It helped a little.

The front fenders and hood were painted but the tub and top were still getting sanded after work.  The black stripes are bare metal that I didn't want to leave bare.   She doesn't look this bad anymore.  Like this she looked right at home next to the abandoned cabin.

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