Saturday, December 28, 2013

Karl Rove Could Learn A Lot from Phil Robertson and A&E

In the broader scheme of things, the ginned-up controversy over what  Phil Robertson said in the GQ interview was really insignificant.   It was just another attempt to create a boogey man for the left to point at and say "see, everybody is so mean to me..."

That being said, anybody with their eyes open ought to be able to see that the reaction of ordinary Americans was telling.

Anybody that might be wondering what kind of candidate to run for political office ought to look at the groundswell of support for Mr. Robertson and look for a someone that could generate that kind of grass roots support in the face of a media blitz to discredit them.

Somebody who's real.  Somebody who isn't embarrassed to tell  you what they think.  Somebody who has convictions that don't change with every new poll.  Somebody grounded in American values. 

I could go on but what's the point.  If there is such a candidate, the establishment RINOS aren't going to let a candidate like that get past the primaries.   They prefer to lose elections and the whole Country to running a candidate the unwashed peasantry actually wants.


1OftheMmajority said...

I know you would consider Senator Ted Cruz of stellar backbone and Patriotism. He's no Rino. Watch the left attempt to vilify him.

1OftheMmajority said...

I'm sure you would approve of Senator Ted Cruz. He's got the patriotism and qualities needed. Not a Rino. The left will vilify him.

Anonymous said...

Actually you could have stopped with the first 6 words. But kr and his ilk think they always know best and will continue to try to force their will on the rest of us............

Lantry said...

1Of, you are right on both counts.

Anon, so are you!