Sunday, May 12, 2013

Barbeque Gun Update

I looked up  the little new-to-me 1899 in Douglas Murray's "The Savage Ninety-Nine" and learned that its a Model H Featherweight.  They made them from 1905 to 1919.  The Takedown version was made beginning in 1909.  The 25-35 Winchester chambering was discontinued in 1917.

These Featherweights had light, twenty inch barrels and the buttstocks were hollowed out beginning about 1911.  I have not removed the buttplate but it definitely balances like its hollow.  The serial number checks out on line as being made in 1911 so that makes sense.

Murray doesn't provide a nominal weight specification.  My kitchen scales showed six pounds, three ounces with the 25-35 barrel.  He does say that, in his opinion, "the 1905-1919 Model H Featherweight is the epitome of function and design - and probably the most efficiently planned deer rifle of its day."  That's mighty high praise from a fellow who admits to being a Winchester Collector.

I ordered another hundred empty 25-35 cases.  I suspect that when I hunt with it I will use the 303 Savage barrel but I still like the idea of having a fair amount of ammo on hand for both.   I suspect that The Lovely Bride will like the smaller caliber better anyway.

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