Thursday, February 14, 2013


Between my brother getting an old 10 gauge double and my brother in law hunting ducks all last month, I guess it was inevitable.  The 10 ga Powell got away and I couldn't bring myself to bid on an old Remington that was in beautiful shape but was just a homely design.  I finally settled on an L.C. Smith.   A hammered double in 10 gauge.   Its old enough that it doesn't have to go through a dealer but it looks to be in good shape.  

The tracking number says it will get here tomorrow.

A good friend has a part interest in a few thousand acres in Madison Florida that's used for hunting and on Monday he invited me to help them burn off some of the fields on the property.  A big part of the time would be spent shooting on the little ersatz range that they put up.  I was too busy  at work to escape for two days but the weather changed and they postponed it so I may get to go after all.  They haven't rescheduled yet.

 I feel like a dog on point with nobody paying attention.


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