Sunday, February 3, 2013

4 Wheeler Progress

Got the 4 wheeler cranked up and drove it around the yard this weekend.  No big issues.  Just the routine reassembly.  The fire was a small one, easily extinguished by putting the lid back on the air filter.  For some reason, the plastic shell of the seat was misshapen and wouldn't go back on.  I had to heat it with a torch and use a furniture clamp to squeeze it back to a dimension that would work.  It still doesn't fit right but it will at least stay where its put.  Needs a little juice in the gearbox but that's no biggie.   The clutch cover is very loose and makes a hell of a clanking noise when the clutch disengages.  It acts as if there are no bolts holding it to the transmission.  Fortunately, it rarely disengages because I haven't convinced it to idle yet.   I dumped some Seafoam fuel system cleaner in the gas to see if that will help.  It won't but it beats taking the thing apart again.   I'm going to get the recommended transmission oil and fix the clutch cover before I start fooling with the carb.

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