Sunday, January 6, 2013


Watched it yesterday while cleaning a shotgun that probably hadn't been cleaned in my lifetime. Its not your every day Western.

The good guys are bad guys who decided to be good but change their minds to do one last bad thing because somebody they don't know did something bad to somebody else they don't know and the people who are supposed to be the good guys won't do the innocent victim justice because the innocent victim is a prostitute and not worthy of them giving a damn.  There's also a $1,000 bounty.  The drunk cowboy that did the first bad thing to the innocent prostitute when she innocently giggled at his tiny “manhood” is another victim and so is his partner who seems to have done nothing worse than ride in to town with “Tiny.” The people who should be the good guys turn out to be the most despicable, violent and sadistic and the good guys who just came to town to murder the cowboys in cold blood for a $1,000 bounty are the heroes even though one is a half-blind faker and the other is dead.

Makes perfect sense

To top it all off, Clint Eastwood winds up cleaning house with a double barreled shotgun and a borrowed Smith & Wesson and goes home and opens a dry goods store.   At first you think “of course; Eastwood, Smith and Wesson; they go together.” Along about 2:00 AM you wake up thinking “but it was a Western. He uses Colts in his Westerns.”

And you stare at the ceiling until dawn.

That is a good movie.

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