Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gun Rights Day

I finally managed to get to the Lakeland Gun Show this weekend.  I decided that I wasn't going to let stupid stuff derail my plans mainly because I wanted to be part of one of the pro gun events that were going on this weekend.

There are really two different Lakeland Gun Shows.  One is the regular, run of the mill show that has a lot of regular  dealers who show up to sell the stuff in their shops.  That one has  fewer  collectors than the "Club Show" which has a lot more small collectors, reloaders and gunsmiths.  This was the Club Show.  Its big.  Takes up two exhibition halls and its much more oriented to the small collector.

I wore my new Molon Labe T Shirt from Angry White Dude  and my baseball cap with Robert E Lee's signature on it just in case anybody besides me or my brother remembered who's birthday it was.  I won't say we were lined up like cattle to get in.  They had cattle there and we weren't lined up like them at all.

Once inside and in line, this is how it looked for people:

The line went around the next corner to the check-your-guns station and then another twenty to thirty yards to the turnstiles.  Shortly after we got into the show proper they announced that no pictures were allowed by anybody for any reason and that they'd take your camera if you took any so that's as close as I got to a picture inside.

Let me tell you, Damascus steel and checkered walnut abounded.  I drooled over a 12 bore Forsythe while my brother, more into historical stuff, drooled over an early assault rifle.  The Hall was a flintlock breech loader that saw use in the Seminole Wars and the Mexican American War.  The breech was hinged and it popped up for loading.  You'd load the breech from the front like any muzzle loader but since only the short breech section needed to be loaded, you could do it flat on your belly.  I can imagine the liberals of the day:  "you can reload it multiple times while behind cover!  No civilian needs that kind of advantage..."

Shooting A Hall video.

Several people were selling old reloading stuff.  One guy had a box of brand new Lee Loaders for ten bucks each.  I didn't need one in 300 Savage but how can you not buy one for ten bucks?  I got a 10 ga Lee Shot Shell Loader for another ten bucks.  I tried to buy some tools from a machinist but he was too busy shooting the bull with somebody so I gave up and let him keep his stuff.

The show covered two full exhibit halls and we were about beat when we got out.  Using my incredible sense of direction and navigation skills I managed to put us out on the far side of the building from our car so we had more walking to do just to get back on the road.

Being past regular lunch time, we decided to hit the Wing House before heading back home.  A Wing House is like a Hooters except that the girls wear black, the food is better and the girls are prettier.  At least that was the case where I live until the Hooters closed.  Come to think of it, I guess that means its still the case where I live.

While stopped for gas, I had the great idea of finding a Bubba Ques barbeque place instead.  My phone confirmed that there was one in town and we managed to find it without "too much" trouble. 

Bubba Ques is a small chain of barbeque restaurants that has a good menu and a fun, tongue-in-cheek red-neckish theme.

Imagine a place decorated by Larry the Cable Guy and you are on the right track.

You get the idea.

The food was good and it was two-for-one on beer so it was worth the half hour we spent lost getting there.  Interestingly, several of the tables were occupied by people who were talking about having been to the gun show.  It was a good time for all.  Got home and had a check from my lawyer waiting on me.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

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