Thursday, July 17, 2008

Peasant Uprising

It seems to me that the feller that started the blog about reloadin' & such ought to write something down oncet in a while since its his blog, not mine. I mean it ain't like he ain't been doin' no reloadin' & shootin' & such. I know he has 'cause I was there with him and his kid and his grandkid when he was doin' some of it. The ideer was that it would be a challenge to keep up with what the other one of us was doin' but it ain't worked out thataway.

I reckon I'm gonna have to write some stuff here more often else we'll never have nuthin.

I ain't much of a blogger. I work too much and I don't have a favorite rock band guitar player to use for videos. This is a family oriented blog so I can't put in no dirty pitchers. Actually, I ain't figured out how to put in any pitchers just yet. I got piles of pitchers! I ain't been able to change the banner yet. About the only shootin' this has inspired in me is to shoot my own laptop. Since I use it to make a livin' that ain't a real good idea.

So I will pick some episode, recent or maybe not so recent and put it out there for the whole world to see. It will probably have some tie-in to the shooting sports but there's no guarantee. The appearance will continue to be plain and ugly until I have the time to figger out what the heck I'm doin.

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