Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Little Bitty Pieces Parts

Got a small pile of stuff from the candy store - I mean - Brownell's in today. My buddy with a business account there ordered all of it and let me have it at his cost. Saved me fifty bucks. I should have ordered more. I coulda saved a hundred. Shopping math works for guys too.

I now have a handy-dandy extra power magazine spring for a 98 Mauser, an apeture sight for a Ruger #1 (told ya I ain't getttin' rid of it), an adjustable gas regulator for an M1 Garand and some other cool things. Even if you don't own the gun it goes on, stuff like that is like a seed. You start with the seed and you wake up one day and there's the whole gun. At least that's what I tell the Mrs.

There is a post on the way about the range. Its a long one and my shift key is not working right. Can't make those cartoon strip cuss words right when your #!%$!*& shif key isn't up to snuff.

How the H - E - Double - Toothpicks did we get up to 101 hits?

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