Thursday, November 16, 2023

Dirty Little Secret

I've been keeping one very much like this one for the past few months.

Not exactly twins but certainly nothing to complain about even with the lights on.  Mine is actually a little better endowed in all the right areas.  Still, as the saying goes:  "they all look the same upside down anyway."

I know.  I get it.   But even a man my age has needs.   

If I have need to plug a tire, I have that kit and a small compressor.  I have a flashlight, basic hand tools, wheel chocks, brake and power steering fluid, motor oil, duct tape, baling wire, spare serpentine belt, spare headlight bulb and so on.  Whatever the need is, I have the tools and supplies, all nice and cozy in my OD Green duffel, tastefully endowed with leather handles and trim, right there in the trunk.

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