Thursday, October 3, 2019

Bullets Both Ways

 Added a new blog to the list.  "Bullets Both Ways."  Its the official blog for  Angel Shield's Bullets Both Ways Foundation.

From their blog:

Our Foundation’s primary purpose is to raise funds to support and provide mental health resources in our schools along with equipping school and church facilities with updated safety, security, and increased protection measures. We are the nonprofit arm of Bullets Both Ways and are an official 501c3 Public Charity dba – Angel Shield.

Their Communications Director is a Columbine Survivor.   

They promote mental health programs and training for defense in schools and churches. I don't know what can really be done in the face of National policies that reward  school boards and law enforcement for ignoring mental health issues and crime in schools but maybe its a start in the right direction.  They also have a store with some nifty T-Shirts, hats & such.   

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