Friday, October 26, 2018

But How Will She Reach the Gun?

Alternate Title:  Carrying Two 45s and a 1911.

Stolen from Girls & Guns on Facebook. Nice page. Definitely worth checking out.  Some members post fair amount of the usual pictures of girls that look like they haven't bathed in several days but they have a lot of pictures of pretty girls that are done in good taste.  Guns too.   


Will said...

For that style of rig (angled), it doesn't seem to matter how big their breasts are, they are reaching UNDER them to access the gun, at least judging by a few who tried some of my shoulder rigs. Where it might matter is with a vertical holster, and a true horizontal carry. There, size and build may interfere with access. Angled and vertical tends to be concealable for them with proper clothing choices and rig adjustments.

Anonymous said...

She learned to work around those milk glands by the time she was 12. She doesn't even think about them anymore , except when the size gives her back pain. (she's packin' 30-40 pounds on her chest) She'll sort it out just fine.--Ray