Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sentimental Old Softie

Back when I was tinkering with the .30 Carbine, I stumbled onto a place called  They have a mix of surplus and new stuff, their prices seem good, shipping is cheap and the quality of the M1 Carbine magazines that I ordered was top notch.

They send an email full of their specials every few days and I've been sorely tempted on a few occasions but I guess its been a while since I actually ordered anything because their most recent email said that they've missed me.

That is so sweet.   The last person that said they missed me is certifiably insane so, other than my dog, a GSP so also certifiably insane, nobody that I want missing me has missed me in a long time.

It was touching.

Even more  touching was the discount code for 20% off my next order.  So I shopped a little.  

The Lovely Bride's ancestry goes back to Yugoslavia but I don't think we need a Yugoslavian Army mess kit.  

Don't need an Italian Army wine bottle or a set of Romanian military pajamas either but I finally stumbled onto their Glock accessories.  

They had magazines for the Glock 21/41 and the 43 for $24.95.  Either runs about $49.95 at the local Gooseburg.  Maybe ten bucks less at the LGS.

So I bought a big one for me and a little one for TLB. With the discount code, I have a few pennies over $22 in each magazine including the $4.00 shipping.  (Not $14.00.   Four Dollars total shipping).   They are actual Glock magazines too.


Now I'm trying to figure out what use I might someday have for a driver's periscope from a Leopard 2.   For $29.95 I think I'll be able to find one.

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Bill Anderson said...

Don't have a GSP, but they are about as kooky as the Treeing Walker we have here.

Thanks for the tip, gonna need one of those periscopes for something.