Thursday, March 24, 2016

Purim: A Sort of Second Amendment Holiday

Today is the holiday of Purim.

And it is no accident that Benjamin Netanyahu referenced this Jewish holiday when delivering his powerful address to the U.S. Senate in his unsuccessful bid to curb Obama’s embrace of a nuclear Iran.

Purim is an old ( 5th century B.C.E.) but agonizingly familiar story: A Jew-hater named Haman hatches a plan to annihilate the Jewish people in the ancient kingdom of Persia.

That Genocide Thing. Again.

Most of the Jews in this multicultural Persian kingdom have been enlightened to the point where they enthusiastically attend royal feasts and gorge themselves off the golden plates and cups looted from the holy Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

These court Jews have evolved past that old, tired Judaism. They’re all new-agey, progressive. They know with arrogant certainty that Jewish history has moved beyond the old paradigms. It’s kumbaya time, Persian style.

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The writer became a strong believer in the right to keep and bear arms when he and his family got caught in the middle of the Rodney King riots.  Much of his blog is pro-2A stuff.

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