Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Glock 40, Long Slide 10mm

Had heard rumors about the 40 but hadn't seen one yet.  Photo is from the article at the link.  It has a video and everything.

That slide is even longer than the one on the 41.  Dang.  Now I have slide envy.

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Anonymous said...

Got to play with one last Sat. 8/8/15) at Wyoming Tactical Supply in Cody WY. I carry a 41 Glock and when I put them side to side the 10mm long slide started looking like a Desert Eagle. Yes, it's that noticeable. Wider and longer in length too, similar to the difference between the 21 and 41's in .45 acp. Can't wait to get to shoot one. I might even upgrade to the model 40 for carry in Bear and Wolf country over my .45 model 41. Looks like Glocks hit another homer!