Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Campus Carry

A new bill to allow people with carry permits to carry concealed weapons on college campuses in Florida has cleared its first committee.

The local news is already quoting some student that thinks its a bad idea.

"We can't even handle money.  How are we supposed to handle guns?"

Well, obviously, you shouldn't handle a gun, Tinkerbell.  That doesn't mean that men and women more grown up than you shouldn't.

All Nine Yards has a good writeup full of numbers to refute the hysteria that is sure to be spread over the airwaves.  If you are from Florida, you really ought to keep up with his blog.

I just hope he will forgive me for calling my Hump Day posts "The Tactical Rump."

My use of the word "Tactical" in those posts is entirely Tongue-in-Cheek.  

Err-Uh, you know what I mean.

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Jon said...

Yeah, they legalized concealed carry on the Boise State campus a while back, and the usual whiney ones were nattering about blood in the streets.
Not one shooting incident yet, much less one involving a concealed carry permit holder.