Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Little Sanity Prevails in Flori-duh

Well, the corruptrightwingextremistteabagginghomophobicislamophobicgaiaphobicpuppydrowning and just downright evil Republican (redundancy alert) Rick Scott beat the altruistic, pro-middle class, tender-hearted reincarnation of Mother Theresa, Honest Charlie Crist,  (this week's party affiliation not yet announced and who is now probably off campaigning for his next elected office) despite there being a 3rd party candidate in the race who was talking about limiting government.

Florida's Amendment 2 failed to pass.  It had 58% of the votes in its favor but, since its a Constitutional Amendment, it required 60% to pass.

Amendment 2 would have legalized medical marijuana - sort of.  My big problem with that, despite having just that many more impaired drivers on the roads, is that medical marijuana has been legal in Florida since the 1990s.   There are legal growers called "care givers" who are issued a State card that shows that they are growing legally and they grow the supply needed for a specific patient or patients.  I know people in this business.  It has been legal here since the 1990s. 

As it has been explained to me by people legally in the business, Amendment 2 would have revamped how its done so that existing care givers would be grandfathered in and all the marijuana for the surge of new patients would be grown by a small number of companies more or less chartered by the State to grow it.  (I suspect that there would have been a little loosening of the threshold for establishing a legitimate medical need for the stuff too but I haven't actually been told that).    I bet you can't guess who (so I have been told) has ties  to all of those proposed new companies.  I'm not going to post that person's name because newspaper articles, web postings and videos that have mentioned the connection have disappeared within a few minutes to a few hours of being posted.  So go ahead.  Take a guess for yourself.  Take a guess for the people.

On the other hand, Alan Grayson got re-elected.

I did say " A Little."

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