Friday, June 13, 2014

Tales of Two Doggies

Tale #1:   Brigid has a nice progress report on Abbey.

Tale #2:    Bullet.

Bullet has always had issues with separation anxiety but they have gotten worse over the past few months.  Don't know if its the thunderstorms or what.  We got the pet barrier gizmo to keep him off the couch and he decided to tear up stuff in the bathroom.  That door doesn't close right because of a slight sinkhole issue and I haven't had time to take it down and rehang it.  He can punch it with his nose and walk right in.

We moved the barrier into the bathroom and left a fake one on the couch this morning so he destroyed the kitchen, the breakfast nook and the hall.

The stuff that looks like sand is grout for the new tile kitchen backsplash.  Its everywhere.  Its so fine you can't sweep it up.  There's always some left and some swirling around waiting to settle as soon as your back is turned.

He was on the table, the counters and who knows what else.   Fig Newtons, HoHos, the air conditioning filter, every can of bug spray, bottle of vinegar, box of dog treats, paper towels etc etc etc all over the kitchen floor.  I'm not even going to show a picture of it.  It looks like Berlin in the summer of 1945.

The dog needs help.  I think he's possessed.

I reinstalled the door on his crate this afternoon.   

Anybody got Cesar Milan's cell Number?

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