Sunday, February 16, 2014

Class Still Counts for Something

The Lovely Bride was displeased when she found a rather long-ish rifle on the bed yesterday.

TLB:   "You are gonna have to stop putting guns on the bed."

Me:     "What's wrong now?"

TLB:    "You put this greasy rifle on the bedspread that I just washed this morning."

Me:      "Its not greasy.  Its perfectly clean."

TLB:     "Its a Moisin Nagant. They're ALWAYS greasy."

Me:       "Its a Krag."

TLB:      "Oh.  Sorry."


Murphy's Law said...


Lantry said...

There's piles of them on the innernet. My camera card reader is acting up so I used a picture that I found on line. I guess if I ever get around to firing mine I'll have to post some original pictures of it.