Saturday, June 15, 2013

More Marbles Auxiliary Cartridge Fun

I got one that adapts the .32 ACP to the 300 Savage.  Found a box of Winchester 71 grain FMJ .32s and tested it out with those.

It was as quiet as the .303 Savage / .32 S&W one but the water bottle that I was shooting at didn't move.  Nothing moved. 

I raised the muzzle and a wisp of smoke curled out.  I opened the bolt and the auxiliary cartridge complete with the now empty .32 ACP case came out.  I looked down the barrel and saw nothing.  I saw nothing because there was no light.  The bullet had stopped in the barrel.

Light pressure on a cleaning rod pushed the bullet out so no harm was done.  Now I have to figure out if the problem is the jacketed bullet creating too much resistance or something else. 


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