Saturday, November 3, 2012

Can't Remember Her Name

She's a Saluki.     She might be one of the most visually impressive dogs I've ever met.   Tall and lean like a Greyhound but with long hair on her ears and tail.  Imagine a small deer with a long tail and floppy ears and you won't be too far off.  Impeccably mannered and friendly to a fault, the most impressive thing about her was her gait.  When she was running, she ran like a deer.  The video below is my lame attempt to capture it for posterity.  In the video she is done running and is just trotting around enjoying her time out of the pen.  My camera was too slow to catch her when she was really stretching her legs.  I would not have made a good turret gunner on a B 17.  I gave up on getting a still picture until she settled down.

 And finally, a couple after she's had some water and a chance to cool down.

It was something kind of semi elegant like Sophia or something like that.

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