Wednesday, August 15, 2012


That's our phone company.  They have gotten into the TV signal business and they are sending people around knocking on doors selling the service.

They talked my Dad into it.  He has dementia.  He's obviously not all there but that just made him a good prospect.  They got him on board and he made my Mom agree.  They neglected to tell either of them that they'd need access to their attic to install whatever needs to be installed.  When the first installer got done with his deal and told my Mom that the next guy would have to go in the attic, that killed it.   Being territorial is part of having dementia, at least in my Dad's brand it is, and my Dad won't let anybody in the attic.  Nice of them to not mention what they were going to do until my parents were already on the hook for the installation.

They first hit our neighborhood a couple of months ago.  I was at work and two of them came by.  One was a fairly large guy who looked as professional as you can look going door to door in 98 degree temperatures and near 100% humidity.  The other one looked like he just dropped his "Will Work For Food" sign by the mailbox.  They pounded on the door so hard that the Lovely Bride hid in the bedroom.  She had peeked out the window and seen the scruffy looking one and thought  they were going to do a home invasion.  They came by three times that day.   The third time I was home and the "professional" looking one told me that I had a problem because I didn't want to talk to him. 

I went to the Centurylink building downtown the next day.  I was going to complain and ask them to make a note to take me off their prospect list.  Couldn't find an entrance that didn't require me to have a key to get in.   

They came back about a month later.  I was on the couch with some gut trouble that was making me wonder if I was going to have a second diveritculitis surgery.  A different guy this time.  I told him that I had already said "No" to the first pair and that them telling me that I had a problem precluded my ever using their TV service.  He starts in with a sales pitch and I told him that I was too sick to argue and that he had to leave.    He was back a half hour later.  Didn't give a damn if I was sick.  Didn't care that he was causing me physical pain.   They're like friggin' mosquitoes.   I had to yell at him to get him to leave.

So today another one shows up.  I tried to be polite when I told him that I had already told three other Centurylink people "No" and to get off my porch.  He started in with how that wasn't him and I told him that it was Centurylink, that he was wearing a Centurylink shirt and I had told Centurylink to leave me alone and I'd get a restraining order against Centurylink if they didn't leave me alone and get off my property.  He kept telling me that it wasn't him and I finally lost it and said that I don't want SH** from Centurylink and  get    off    my    property. 


I really felt bad afterward.  Felt sorry for the guy who didn't know the legacy his predecessors had left for him.  He's just trying to make a living.  Felt like crap for cussing.   I know that whatever the Preacher preaches on this Sunday will sound like he was right there on the porch with the guy.  Maybe I should put up a picture of Captain Kangaroo instead of Clint Eastwood.  Heck.  Even Mr. Green Jeans would have turned into the Hulk after all this.

Seriously though.  Why would I do business with a company the comes to my door and scares my wife half to death?  Comes to my door with an attitude that there is something wrong with me because I don't want what they are selling?  Why would I do business with a company that shows complete contempt for my right to determine who can't come on my property? They don't pay the freakin' property taxes or the mortgage on this place.  I do.

Lovely Bride is going to buy some "No Soliciting" signs tomorrow.  I doubt they will do any good.   Concertina wire is prohibited by our deed restrictions.  Maybe some new "landscaping" would do it.

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