Sunday, June 24, 2007

This blog is by two guys who shoot a lot less than they like, reload a lot less than they want and needed an excuse to do more of both. One lives someplace out to the left of the big river and one lives in what used to be Florida. I'm the Florida one. Buckshot lived here for a while and then went back where he belonged. "Lantry" is a pseudonym. If you've read South Moon Under you know "where I'm from." If not, don't worry. It ain't there no more anyhow. (Well, actually, THAT specific place is still there and I'm told it can be bought for less than $500,000. I'm not kidding).

Hopefully, somebody somewhere will find some of this interesting or informative as the posts start piling up. If not, well, we started it to make ourselves shoot and reload more so who cares! We'll be at the range and the bench more and that's really what its all about.

I might start tinkering with a low pressure load for a 12 gauge Fox Sterlingworth that I don't want to shoot to pieces or I might play around with a 50 Beowulf that followed me home one day. I might work on a nice .358 Winchester load or my Savage Model 99 or I might use the blog as an excuse to buy that one at Bullseye Sports in .303 Savage so I can write about that. Maybe I'll start with the range I'm trying to get my buddy up in Daisey to let me build on his mini farm. You'll know as soon as I do. Maybe sooner.

One thing I do know is that Buckshot will hit his goal. I hope he uses Nosler or Weatherby headstamped brass since it has always held more powder for me than other brands. I just hope I don't have to send him any of mine to get it done.

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