Saturday, November 23, 2013

Well, How DO you act like a Christian while holding a gun to someone's face?

In these days when it seems more and more that Police Officers must be getting taught that shooting is their first option, that civilians are the enemy and that they are above the law,    "Christian Soldier How do you act like a Christian while a gun in someone's face" " will give the reader cause to think that there are still some good apples left in the barrel after all.  You'll wind up thinking about a lot more too.

Ben Adams is a Marine, a Veteran of the Iraq War as an MP with the USAR and currently a Sheriff's Deputy on their SWAT Team.   If I heard correctly when he was introduced as a speaker at a meeting the other day, he's also interim Pastor of a small church.

The book has a lot about his life but it is really about his struggle to actually do what Christ would have him do in daily life.   For an LEO, that can obviously be difficult.  While you are thinking about how Jesus would want you to handle the guy with the tire iron, the guy with the tire iron just might start bashing your head in.

Its really uplifting to read an LEO's writing about the time that he could have justifiably killed a man but helped him instead.   That's a small part of the book but its in there.

Christian Soldier doesn't read like something you'd expect a Pastor to write.  Its written like something a soldier would write.  Its real.  If you are sick of reading about the unconstitutional road blocks collecting DNA, how many tanks your local PD now has it its disposal to better protect and serve you and how the 230 pound cop was "in fear for his life" so he shot somebody's Pomeranian, read this book.  It will show you that there are still some good guys out there.  More than that, it will challenge you to spend time thinking about how you might really act like a Christian while doing whatever it is that you do every day.

Its $3.03 on Kindle at Amazon.  Kindle for PC is free.

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