Sunday, November 16, 2014


Pretty on all kinds of Doubles

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Had No Idea My Sister Was Looking for a New Boyfriend Again

A Day Off Well-Spent

A shooting buddy called up with some spare reloading stuff to sell and danged if I didn't know a guy that wanted it.  I picked it up last week and delivered it yesterday.

I threw in the press since its kind of hard to use the dies without one and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted the guy to have everything he needed to load ammo so before I was happy with it, I also threw in some case lube, 100 primers, half a pound of powder, 50 30-30 cases, an old reloading manual (for the "how to" section), some current data from Hogdon's website and 50 170 grain Speer flat point bullets.  Not a bad haul for $75.00.

I finished up work early Thursday and took Friday off to help the guy get set up and to do some shooting.   We went through how to use everything and let it go at that because he hadn't decided where he wanted to bolt down the press.  He lives alone in a 3 bedroom house so he has a lot of options.  Once its set up, we'll walk through the process and he'll be good to go.

The shooting part was mainly to test out a couple of untried gadgets and to finish up a couple of projects that I have been working on.

First up to bat was this 40 round drum for a 1911. 

I bought it right after  the high capacity magazine ban went away just because I could.  I didn't expect it to be particularly reliable.  It just felt patriotic or something.  I wasn't disappointed.   I have never had a magazine that wouldn't feed anything but the first round before.  That's all this one would feed.  It doesn't have enough spring in it to feed the ammo.  We quit counting failures to feed and counted failures to fail to feed instead.   This was with 230 grain Winchester White Box ammo, not steel cased stuff or anything with an odd bullet in it.  Put a normal 7 round magazine in the gun and it feeds perfectly - as this 1911 always does. 

Except to taunt your friends in the communist states that don't allow normal capacity magazines, this drum is worthless.  If you need 40 rounds of 45 ACP, the Gen 4 Glock 41 is a real option.  Three 13 round magazines and two sets of backstraps ( 2 with and 2 without beavertails) and the magazines feed.   Of course, you could also carry an assortment of good 1911 magazines in more normal 7 to 10 round sizes.  Just don't waste your money on this drum!

After that, we tested the little Baby Browning clone that I put back together last Christmas.  I had cleaned up the trigger but had only fired one round from it since.  I wanted to make sure it would feed reliably and it did just fine.   We lost 3 empty cases in the grass but the gun works so its a good thing.

The fun part of the shooting was sighting in the little Featherweight Savage 1899 in 25-35 Winchester.  The load was 25 grains of CFR 223 in a Winchester case, Winchester Large Rifle Primer and the 117 grain round nose Hornady bullet.   It shot incredibly high the last time we played with it and I made a blank front sight for it out of brass stock to solve the problem.   I left the sight about twice as tall as I thought it needed to be so I could file it down to the proper height based on shooting (rather than just on the math by itself).   That part went beautifully.

We were shooting at 40 yards and the first shot was a good 7 inches low.  I took a magic marker, blackened the lower two-thirds of the back of the sight and used the black as my "sight height."   That brought it to about an inch low so I filed it down to the black and fired again.  It looked good so I filed a little more off and wound up about an inch high.  (The rear sight has a fine adjustment screw so I can use that to tweak it as needed).  After I got home, I filed a nice curve into the front of the sight blade to make it less snaggy and to make it look a little better.

 After the 25-35, we fiddled with 30-06 a little .

That's one serious loading block!

After the shooting was done, we headed to Williston to the new Bubba Ques restaurant.  They opened this one 2 or 3 weeks ago.  Same good food and the same tongue-in-cheek country / redneck decor.

My buddy brought his son along for lunch so now there's two more Bubba Ques fans in the world.   We also found out that they have a new franchisee in Louisiana and they'll have restaurants there soon.   I can't get them talked into selling Uncle Si's Iced Tea.  Maybe that will help.

We did all our shooting on concrete.   I'm still amazed that the little 25 ACP threw its brass all the way out into the grass.  25 ACP brass is hard to find too.  Had I known it did that, I'd have brought a brass catcher so I wouldn't lose so much of it.

Yes.  Gotta get my hands on a good brass catcher next time.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Florida Hunting Back in the Day

Sporting Classics Magazine does a daily, on-line edition and today's had a photo essay on hunting in Florida way back in 1896.  Several good pictures there.   Except for the clothes and the fact that we can't kill game anymore without a short uber-magnum or something "tactical,"  I don't see much difference between these photos and hunting today besides the the bag limits. Of course, wherever these were taken is probably a high rise building now.

That's just one of a whole pile of good pictures.    Check out the whole essay.   Sporting Classics Magazine is always worth a look-see.