Monday, November 18, 2013

Blue Monday Again

That last one Came from Oleg Volk.  I suspect that most of the better Pro-2A posters that you see on the internet are done by him.  He really has exceptional talent.


juvat said...

What's a Bule Monday?

Lantry said...

A long time ago, I worked at a place that gave away free coffee on Mondays because everybody is supposed to be bummed out on Mondays since they have to go back to work. They called it "Blue Monday" and the coffee was to chase away "the Monday Blues."

Here, its a picture that has something blue in it along with something else to cheer folks up. Sometimes its a pretty girl's eyes or her blue jeans. Sometimes its the sky. Sometimes its a flag. Just depends on what looks cheerful to me when I put the post together.

juvat said...

My apologies, my sense of humor was a little subtle. You have a typo in the title of the blog post which I noticed from Lagniappe's Lair's bloglist.

I do like the your blog and this particular series though.

Lantry said...

Now That's funny! I didn't see it in the title and I didn't notice in in your comment. I must be Lysdexic today.