Thursday, January 28, 2016

What's The Big Deal?

None of the candidates is perfect.  Right now I am leaning toward Cruz but I will say this about Trump and tonight's debate:   

With all the talk about Trump walking out on the debate, I haven't seen anybody mention that Reagan walked out on Gorbachev at the Reykjavik Summit.   Its something that negotiators do when they are in a position of strength and the other side isn't there to deal in good faith.  In this case, Fox News was more his  enemy than any of the other candidates. 

What I have seen is the other candidates and their supporters taking cheap shots at Trump about it like a bunch of Junior High School kids.  Rick Perry really sounded catty and childish on Hannity's radio show yesterday.  Sounded like he was desperate to keep people from realizing that Trump isn't going to just roll over and pee on himself like a dog when the media is dishonest.

Cruz, Trump or Carson.   None of them is perfect but I could vote for any of them without hating myself before I went into the voting booth.  I'd like to see them be the top three in Iowa.   Not necessarily in that order either.

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