Monday, January 18, 2016

It Has A Rail and Everything!

Seriously.  The Palm Pistol has a Picatinny Rail.   In some of the pictures it looks like there's provision for a second rail above the barrel.

What's better is it looks like they are getting closer to building them. 

One shot of .38 Special doesn't sound like much but I suspect that the design's effectiveness will be enhanced by the same thing that makes the little .32 Seecamp far more effective than its dinky little cartridge should be.  Namely, the bad guy doesn't realize that thing in your hand is actually a gun until he's so close you can't  help but hit him where it does the most good.

There's an optional barrel extension and a gizmo ("strike bezel")  with teeth on it for taking divots out of bad guys when there's no time to reload too.

Arthritis or not, Grandma could kick some serious butt with one of these.

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