Sunday, February 16, 2014

FOR SALE M4A3 (105)

The tank being offered, M4A3(105) HVSS Sherman, serial number 74247, was built in April 1945 at the Chrysler Defense Arsenal. The exterior has been painted in post-World War II USMC markings while the interior was painted white. The previous owner had initiated restoration but it was never completed. It is missing the turret basket and many other turret components. It is also missing all ammunition bins and various other internal fittings. The instrument panel appears to be new. The engine runs well while all suspension components are in excellent shape. It was driven as recently as December 2013.

Six numbers.  All I need is the right six numbers.


Harry Flashman said...

There used to be a show on History Channel about restoring tanks. There are guys who have collections of a hundred vehicles, some of them one of a kind examples. Oh, to be rich.

Lantry said...

I saw a few episodes of that show. I liked the one where they cut two Shermans in half and welded them back together to make one good hull and I liked the Panther that they re-did. I think my favorite was the Ferdinand / Elephant. I crawled all over that thing at Aberdeen Proving Grounds back in the early 1970s. Its funny that even as kids, my brother and I guessed that it had been disabled by the hit on the front brakes. 30 or 40 years later, that's what the show said happened.