Friday, February 7, 2014

Abbey Normal II

Made it to the in-law's last weekend to meet the new pup.

She does have a lot of energy.

Hard to get a picture with a digital camera because of the auto focus and the sorry lock time between pushing the button and it actually taking the picture.   Damned digital cameras are like trying to shoot doves with a match lock.

She was there when I pushed the button.

Finally.  Spooling down.

Recharge mode.

The in-laws like the dog and it is really attached to the father in law.   I think its a good match for where they are in their lives.


juvat said...

Well, like shooting doves, you got to LEEEAAADDDD the dog! and, at least in my dove shooting skill set, hope like heck they run into the shot.

Lantry said...

That might work if I could figure out where the dog was headed. Its kind of like watching a pinball machine!