Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Obama's Positive Impact on Health Care - Really

My Dad had been a chain smoker since about 1947.  He's in an ALF now and hasn't had a cigarette in well over a year.  Yesterday, I happened to ask my sister if our Dad still wants to smoke and she said "no, he doesn't even think about it."   That shocked me and I asked her how on earth the ALF accomplished that.  She said it wasn't the ALF that did it.   It was Obama.

It seems that, after his hernia operation not quite two years ago, Dad wasn't allowed to smoke for a while and when he got out of rehab and told my sister that he wanted a cigarette, she told him there weren't any cigarettes anymore because Obama took them away.   My Dad just replied "that sorry bastard" and hasn't asked for a cigarette since.

I believe in giving credit where its due.    Dear Leader's lawlessness made it plausible to my Dad that he'd decree a ban on cigarettes.  My Dad accepted my sister's lie and hasn't smoked in over a year.   Other than that, his impact on health care has been pretty much an engineered cluster f---.